Why do…

16 08 2014

I am currently staying in a not so small hotel in Elk Groove, Illinois.

At 4:00 a.m. in the morning I hear this fast thump sound.  I am thinking at the time that maybe the A/C is broke. Four in the morning. What would you do?

Yeap, that is what I did too. I rolled over and was just about to put the pillow on my head when I heard a “moan of passion.”

OMG! REALLY! It is four in the morning on a Saturday – I got a 7 a.m. appointment. And the people on the floor above me decide that no ones is going to hear them this early in the morning?

Even the birds are sleeping at 4 in the morning.

Why do I have to feel like a pervert at 4 in the morning? Why do they believe that no one can hear them?  I can not bang on the ceiling screaming at them to  get a room because they did get a room.  Hmmm, why do I feel like I have had audience(s) in the past now

WHAT…it is 5:34 a.m and the first bird has just song outside of my window.

So, what is DBigDeal?

  1. I missed 1 hour and 30 minutes plus of my beauty rest and trust me I need all of it.
  2. Now they are in my head having me wondering if I disturbed or woke someone.

Oh, look at the time…I got to go.


Ozzie Ozzie I know I know….

4 08 2011

The answer to Ozzie illegal immigration questions as to why:

1. They put themselves out there

2. The other groups you refer to try to blend in and are able to keep their culture identity.

3. A few bad apples does spoil the whole

4. Do not work no harder than any other group.  They are willing to undercut wages and take the other jobs no one else will work for at that pay.

If I have been mislead please tell me but I don’t think so…


Because you asked…

2 12 2010

Shame shame shame





I haven’t said much about the November elections because we were out of country and did not receive our absentee package until after it was to late to mail in.

I believe that if you don’t vote you don’t have nothing to say.

Still I would like to write America middle class is about to get what they asked for and than some – it has already started.

But I would like to be the first to write, “I told you sold.”

Tiger become a Tiger Again

5 10 2010

As soon as the golf player Tiger Woods realize that he is not married and that it is okay for him to be the “true” player he was born to be on and off the golf course – I can promise you that Tiger will be back on top of his game.

But until that happen this what we can except:

We are all (well most of us) are praying for you Tiger

Get Real…

24 09 2010

Golf Season is ending soon for me and this morning I almost chocked on my coffee.  Not because golf season was extended one more day by mother nature here in the Great Chicago area (90 degrees).

I burnt the back of my throat and lower lip because the News reported that
Katy Perry and Emo video, was pull because a few mothers felt that there were too much cleavage and legs.

Of all people involved in a scandal – Emo. Did you know that I have cousin name Emo – seriously I do.(rambling there)

Being a social creature I twitted my tweeties “Emo is a Bad Boy seen with Perry’s Cleavage”  Wow, this is just as bad as when Tyra Banks was Sexually Harassed by the Cookie Monster. (http://bit.ly/czq6go)

So I go to watch the Video

You know what? OMG – these are the same people that are raising our feature leaders.  Let us be honest about this subject.

Get real…your Little Babies seen more on Barbie Dolls and TV commercials. Those mothers that don’t like Katy Perry are just “hatin on her.”

If you don’t know why here is the real Katy Perry

Points to be made:

  • I don’t know Katy Perry or work for her
  • I didn’t have anything else to write about
  • Yes, I am a grown man that likes Emo (get over it)

What are my Political Views

14 08 2010

My political views are simple – vote for the person not the party. Vote for the person I believe will do the right job. Do my own research and decide for myself who to believe.

How is that working out for me?  Wouldn’t you like to know?

So, what those that photo of Michelle Wie have to do with my political views – absolutely nothing – just like the politician who are in D.C. and those that are running for office.  None of them are say much about the real issue – just BS fluff that they believe you and I want to hear.

Back to golf for me…

Rain Rain Go Away

13 06 2010

This morning I am driving ## mph on a 45 mph road to make my tee time. I know that today is going to be the day.  I am coming from the dentist with the  left side of my mouth still numbed up and my wife complaining that I am driving to fast.

I reason with her, “Baby, I got 15 minutes to get there and I haven’t warmed up yet.”  She give me a bottle of water to shut me up and like a knuckle head I failed for it.  I started to drink and water poured out onto my shirt and pants. VERY FUNNY – but do you think that is going to stop me from getting to that course?

If you thought yes…you don’t know me do you? Just as we are pulling into the parking lot it begins raining hard but I got an umbrella.  FLASH – oh no that didn’t happen.  FLASH – there goes another one.   BOOOM!!!! Oh, my gosh a truck had an accident.  “But they are waiting for us…” I said and she point to the SUV three cars down in front of us.   There was Andrew and Darrin setting in their vehicle.  The wimps are still sitting in the car.

I called Andrew and asked him why didn’t they go in to sign in for us?  To make a long story short, they didn’t want to get their feet wet or get struck by lightening. They didn’t even wanted to wait for it to stop raining.

I look over to my wife who is staring out at the rain with I told you look.

It seems that I have become a rain man because every tee time I have made (4) within the pass two weeks – it rains with lighting.